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Your Summer to Fall Closet Transition Guide

Summer’s not over yet, but by the second week of August each year, I start dreaming about sweaters and jackets, even when it’s too hot to wear them! My mind just automatically starts thinking about how I’m going to transition and which pieces will work well in my Fall closet and which pieces won’t. Here’s a short guide to getting started:


1. Look for the new Fall fashion trends! Just Google “fall fashion trends 2020” and you’ll get an idea of what’s to come. Here are some new Fall fashion 2020 trends that I can’t wait to rock this coming season: the long short, cropped jacket, drawstring details, ruffles, mesh, colorful leather or vegan leather, vivid plaids, vests and the new Fall season colors (fuchsia, rust and chartreuse)!

2. Go on a Fall fashion treasure hunt in your closet & storage boxes! Once you find out which trends you’re excited about, before you head out to the shops, why not find out what great pieces you already have and can carry over into your Fall closet? 

3. Search for the basics in your Summer wardrobe which will transition nicely into Fall. White, black, grey and striped tees, neutral colors, camis, dresses, skirts and cropped jeans.

4. Dust off your favorite cardigans and jean jackets, which are so easy to throw over a summer dress, tee shirt or cami with a cropped jean and a mule shoe or bootie once the temperatures start to drop. 

5. Now you can go through your Summer closet and get rid of pieces you haven’t worn or aren’t going to wear again! Make three piles: keep, donate & sell! It’s time to purge, be charitable and profit!

6. Now that you know what you already have it’s time to make a list of what you NEED! It’s much easier to shop when you have intention! 

I hope this Summer to Fall Closet Transition Guide will help you to ease your way into the next season with style and less stress! Have fun with it! Happy hunting!!

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