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How To Create A Transition Wardrobe Capsule

You can smell it in the air, and you can feel that slightly different, cooler breeze that reminds us that Fall is right around the corner.

I personally love the Fall, it reminds me of California weather, cooler in the mornings and evenings and warmer during the daytime. But this weather change provides a fashion challenge! We’re not quite ready for full-on Fall, but we need to add our jeans, hoodies, light jackets, and sweaters back into our wardrobes.

In my previous blog, I wrote a guide to starting your Summer to Fall transition and how to go through your Summer clothes to see which pieces you can carry over to your transition wardrobe. If you haven’t read that blog, I suggest reading it to give you the basics on how to get started!

I first became interested in wardrobe capsules when I moved, and my closet size went from a big walk-in closet to a super small wall closet. I realized then, that I had way too much stuff, but not only that, my clothes didn’t really work well together, so I was always buying new “outfits” and I would wear them once or twice and then I’d need to buy more outfits. You can imagine how much stuff I accumulated over the years! It was overwhelming! Yet, I never had anything to wear? I knew I had to rethink my wardrobe and make it easier and less stressful to put my outfits together and choose pieces that would work well together.

 If you look at Fashion Gem Apparel’s inventory, you can get an idea of what a wardrobe capsule looks like. There are various tops, some jeans, jackets, and sweaters, and then a couple of dresses and jumpsuits that you can dress up or down. The key is to pick items you love and that will work together to make several different outfits. Remember, just by wearing a different top, adding a jacket or sweater, or changing the shoe, you have created a completely different outfit. So, when I’m adding new pieces to my closet, I try to visualize at least 3-4 different ways it can work with the other pieces in my closet.

Here are some examples using some fabulous transition pieces from Fashion Gem Apparel:

Our Peachy Tie Dye Lightweight Sweater is shown three different ways which will take you from day to night and Summer to Fall with our Denim Cuttoff Shorts and flip flops or our Black Distressed Skinny Jeans with a wedge shoe or our Cropped Denim Flare Jean with a bootie!

Our Semi-Cropped Tie Dye Sweatshirt is shown below with our Denim Cutoff Shorts and sneaks or you could wear with our Distressed Jogger Pant (Coming Soon!!) or our Black Distressed Skinny Jean with a bootie.

Our Blueberry Tie Dye Wash Top can be worn with our Denim Cutoff Shorts or with our Black Distressed Skinny Jean and add our Distressed Denim Jacket for a completely different look!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you will continue on our fashion journey!

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